Montana Part III Whimsical Wedding

Marriage is so freakin beautiful. And the wedding...well that is heavenly. When someone asks me to capture that heavenly thing on camera, it is an absolute honor. Shooting weddings has been an absolute blessing. Getting such an intimate and inside perspective of the most important day of two human's lives, I consider a huge honor and responsibility.  I know how special our wedding was to us, and how much we appreciated our photographer (Olivia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the pictures we have to cherish forever.

Randi is my Godson's Aunt, and anyone who is a friend of Charlie's is a friend of mine. Thank you, Randi and Andrew for the incredible honor and blessing of capturing this lovely day. Here are a few of my favs. 


Cheers to you two, my friends, as you leap into the greatest adventure of all. My wife and I are praying for you. Leap together! Heart and Soul.

Love, Shann (Liam)

 The Kings. 

The Kings. 

For wedding inquiries, you can contact me, but I'll probably say no, unless you are somehow related to Charlie. 

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