Let the Leaping Begin!

welcome to my new spot. I hope this will be a place of honesty, truth, laughs, inspriation, and a lotta leaps. 

Hello :) Thank you for stopping by. My name is Shannon, I am a dude (name clarification). I have been jumping since the womb. Literally, I jumped out too soon, and was born in the passenger seat of a Red Ford Festiva. It was really cold (so they say). Since then, I have been constantly jumping, leaping, and bounding my way through this lovely, challenging, and beautiful life. I was a collegiate long jumper and triple jumper (Go Bucs!), and made my way to South Africa to compete with some of the world’s greatest. The thing about jumping is that it takes massive amounts of trust…trust in yourself, trust in your training, in your coach. And then it takes courage to put that trust to the test. Only when you fully trust, and then confidently initiate a jump, do you fly. And that is the sweetest thing. This, I have found true in life as well. The times of life where I have experienced the most growth, came from me taking a massive leap, deep into the messiness of my circumstances. I ran full force into the scariest parts of my life, and then with the confidence and trust that God’s force and strength would carry me through, I jumped. As mightily and as far as I could. And because of that, I grew. I became more. God does not call us to live a life of comfort and ease. God calls us to live a life Wholeheartedly for Him. That takes a lot of courage and trust. It takes, a big, giant, epic leap into the unknown.

My hope is to help you live a life of leaps. To help you live a life of wholeheartedness. To take the risks, to face the pain, to refuse the status quo, initiate the battle, and become more of who you are meant to be.

The things that mean a lot to me: These things, I choose to do with my whole heart.

My faith in my King, Jesus.

My family.

Diverse Cultures.



And of course, Jumping.

I hope that in whatever gives you life and strength, that you will join me in pursuing it with a fierce, wholehearted passion. That you will choose to take that leap, and be more.

1 Samuel 14:7.


photos courtesy of Olivia Strohm Photo

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